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Adding a second switch

(note: this post is antedated to form a proper timeline of the developments of my network, it was actually written in march of 2024)

I finally decided it was time to add a second switch. For multiple reasons: I was running out of 10G ports, één is geen and I found out it could easily fit into the same U.

Yes, that’s right. My Mikrotik CRS310-1G-5S-4S+IN is only 200 mm wide (that’s 7.87402’’ in freedom units). Which means that you can easiliy fit one next to it and have room to spare.

Mikrotik has though of this scenario and made a small kit called the RMK-2/10. I had to search really well, but found one to order on mikrotik-store.eu. I ordered one and had it delivered to my nearest German DHL Parcel lockers to save on shipping (I live close to the border) and I was ready to go!

Since deploying my first switch I have moved my main machine and router to Nikhef too. The router and switch are now connected with a 10 Gb SFP+ DAC cable. So I ordered another one. As well as some console cables, since I may or may not have locked myself out (more than once).

So, this is what it looks like now:

picture of my switches now

Yes, I even applied the little Mikrotik sticker!